Straack Explained

So what is Straack, anyway?  The origins of our name come from military jargon, but the spelling may have thrown you off, if you had any inkling.  There are a few variations and concepts behind the term, but we fall in line with what they all stand for; a dependable, well-turned out individual, ready for anything. 

Our focus is curating high end brands and products that are reliable and can be used, abused, but also cherished and saved as an heirloom.  We aim to be your one stop when you are in the market for something eclectic and well built. 

Don't get us wrong - we are not in this just for looks.  We want to provide those who rely on their tools the right selection of supplies that fit their high demands.  This is gear that is not just gear, but the finest and best that is designed and tested by those who use it.  Let's take a look at the origins from which our unique brand name draws its inspiration.

 StraacK explained, gentleman standing at the ready

The Origins of Straack aka STRAC

Back to the name, itself.  In our case, the term Straack comes from the acronym, STRAC, for the Strategic Army Corps operational in the 1950's and beyond as an elite unit.  The "AA" alludes to top notch, aka "double A".  The k at the end, kept the correct "kuh" sound. It is the belief and the representation of the original acronym that our inspiration and focus comes from.  If you are STRAC, you have your shit dialed in on all levels.

STRAC:  Strategic Army Corps Turns Into a Motto

A quick Google search will bring up a ton of fun information about the origins of the Strategic Army Corps and cool ways the term was used from WWII to Vietnam era, so we will keep it simple. 

Or skip this article and read about Billy Waugh, who is the living definition of what it is to be STRAC.

  • STRAC units were those designated to be on high alert to move anywhere in 72 hours or less; as slang, means tight, together, by the book. 
  • Wiktionary’s glossary of military slang defines STRAC is US Army slang for: “a well organized, well turned-out soldier, (pressed uniform, polished brass and shined boots).” A proud, competent trooper who can be depended on for good performance in any circumstance.
  • After the STRAC of the 50's no longer existed, it lived on as an adjective, describing an elite, well trained and polished individual.  To be “STRAC” was to be prepared. 
  • A new "backronym" began; it now took on the meaning of: 
    • Skilled, Tough, Ready, Around the Clock, or
    • Strong, Tough, Ready Around the Clock (according to the Urban Dictionary).
  • Less formal terms are:
    • Standing Tall Right Around the Clock and
    • Strategic, Tactical and Ready for Action in Combat
  • For the term STRACT, Wikipedia defines it as:
    • Strategically Ready And Combat Tough.

The Opposite of STRAC is REMF

Where there is darkness, there is light.  Where there is STRAC, there is REMF.  

For the purpose of defining it, REMF (Rear Echelon Mother Fuckers) is essentially the opposite of STRAC.  In short, it refers to clueless soldiers without combat experience. 

At the end of the day, no matter where you fall on the scale of STRAC to REMF, we appreciate you and exist to curate the best tools and introduce the best makers and designers to your pockets.

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We hope a brief explanation of our name helps answer some questions for you!  As always, if you are ever in need of some inspiration, have ideas, questions on who we are and what we do, shoot us a text or email us any time.  We are glad to talk more.  At the end of the day, we enjoy nerding-out over EDC as much as the next guy.

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