• Saying Goodbye to a Legend, Billy Waugh dies at 93

    On Tuesday, April 4th, 2023 we lost our dear firend and a true legend, Billy Waugh.
  • Billy Waugh and the Battle of Bong Son: Inspo for the Purple Heart DEMO

    The first one-of-a-kind custom DEMO edition is inspired by Billy Waugh's purple heart gained in Vietnam.  He earned a total of 8 Purple Hearts, in fact, for wounds in combat.  It was during the Battle of Bong Son that he sustained multiple shots and was left for dead.  

    Waugh says of the day,"It sounds like the punch line to a bad joke, but you know it’s a bad day when the best thing about it is getting shot in the head.”

  • In Depth Look: The Awl

    One of the most obvious and interesting features of the Billy Waugh DEMO knife is its Awl.  This is one of the key features that had to be included when the knife was being designed.  Typically, an awl is seen on a multitool, not as part of a knife.  Here is your in-depth look at what an Awl can be used for and how this one is designed.
  • Press Release: Introducing the Billy Waugh DEMO Limited Edition Knife

    Robert Young Pelton first met Billy Waugh in a Waffle House. Billy was getting married later that day but took the time to meet Pelton to talk about his life as CIA paramilitary and Special Forces legend.  As a knife designer, Pelton asked Billy what he carried on his missions deep behind enemy lines during the Vietnam War. Billy remembered his favorite tools being the local parang, the old WW2 issue and the machine stamped Demo knife issued to soldiers.  Pelton offered to design a series of knives that would integrate Billy’s hard earned ideas into a new reimagining of tactical blades. 

  • Straack Explained

    So what is Straack, anyway?  The origins of our name come from military jargon, but the spelling may have thrown you off, if you had any inkling.  There are a few variations and concepts behind the term, but we fall in line with what they all stand for; a dependable, well-turned out individual, ready for anything. 

    Our focus is curating high end brands and products that are reliable and can be used, abused, but also cherished and saved as an heirloom.  We aim to be your one stop when you are in the market for something eclectic and well built. 

    Don't get us wrong - we are not in this just for looks.  We want to provide those who rely on their tools the right selection of supplies that fit their high demands.  This is gear that is not just gear, but the finest and best that is designed and tested by those who use it.  Let's take a look at the origins from which our unique brand name draws its inspiration.