• In Depth Look: The Awl

    One of the most obvious and interesting features of the Billy Waugh DEMO knife is its Awl.  This is one of the key features that had to be included when the knife was being designed.  Typically, an awl is seen on a multitool, not as part of a knife.  Here is your in-depth look at what an Awl can be used for and how this one is designed.
  • Press Release: Introducing the Billy Waugh DEMO Limited Edition Knife

    Robert Young Pelton first met Billy Waugh in a Waffle House. Billy was getting married later that day but took the time to meet Pelton to talk about his life as CIA paramilitary and Special Forces legend.  As a knife designer, Pelton asked Billy what he carried on his missions deep behind enemy lines during the Vietnam War. Billy remembered his favorite tools being the local parang, the old WW2 issue and the machine stamped Demo knife issued to soldiers.  Pelton offered to design a series of knives that would integrate Billy’s hard earned ideas into a new reimagining of tactical blades.