Knife Design Stories

  • A Tribute to Billy Waugh: Learn About the Knife He Inspired

    Billy Waugh of Bastrop, Texas hitchhiked and signed up for World War II but was sent home for being too young.  He finally signed up for the Army and very quickly chose the most dangerous tasks our nation demanded: U.S. Army Special Forces. 

    Robert Young Pelton, designer and founder of RYP Design, first met Billy when he was writing his book Licensed to Kill, Hired Guns in The War on Terror.  Driving his cop Harley across the country during the winter,  Billy graciously took out time from his wedding day to meet at the local Waffle House.

    The two men - one an author, and one an operator, both veterans of numerous hot spots often at the same time - hit it off immediately. They have been fast friends ever since. 

    Pelton, a knife designer with two dozen patents, asked Billy,  "which knives did you use and what did you wish you have?"